Wonder Woman – Etta Candy Reminisces About Diana

Above: Wonder Woman – Etta Candy Reminisces About Diana.

In Wonder Woman, Lucy Davis, the phenomenal British actress and comedian, plays Etta Candy, Diana’s best friend in the comics and Steve Trevor’s secretary (and an ultimate comic relief) in the Wonder Woman movie. Lucy Davis talks about her top secret movie audition, being a different size than women we normally see in superhero movies, and whether her character has a future in the Wonder Woman movie franchise.

Etta Candy is a fictional character appearing in DC Comics publications and related media, commonly as the best friend of the superhero Wonder Woman. A spirited, vivacious young woman, Etta first appeared in Sensation Comics #2 (1942), written by Wonder Woman’s creator William Moulton Marston.

Enrolled in the fictional Holliday College for Women (and often accompanied by her fellow students, “the Holliday Girls”), Etta would become a constant feature of Wonder Woman’s Golden Age (1938-1955) adventures, effectively functioning as both the hero’s sidekick and her best friend. Unapologetically proud of her plus size figure (and vocal about her love of sweets), Etta’s appearance was a stark contrast to the svelte, small waisted women depicted in most comic books, and Etta was a brave and heroic leader who was always supporting her friend Wonder Woman.

Above: Wonder Woman – Etta Candy Explains The Members Of Steve Trevor’s Team.

Though appearing less frequently in the Silver (1956-1970) and Bronze Age (1970-1984), Etta was a recurring presence in Wonder Woman’s supporting cast throughout both periods. Etta would be re-imagined in March 1987 by comics writer and artist George Pérez as part of his reboot of the Wonder Woman mythology.

Above: Wonder Woman – Etta Candy Gives A Lesson on The Amazons.


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