10 Rules Actress Gal Gadot Had To Follow To Keep Her Acting Role As Wonder Woman

Above: 10 Rules Actress Gal Gadot Had To Follow To Keep Her Acting Role As Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot’s name has become synonymous with her on-screen characterization of Wonder Woman – or what many have dubbed the long-awaited embodiment of female power within a male dominated universe (both literally and thematically). So much so that her youngest daughter is apt to announce on the playground that her mother is, in fact, the iconic superhero.

Though her live-action portrayal of the Amazonian warrior would not come until many years later, Gadot’s early life resembles what one might dream up for a young heroine. In 2004, she was chosen as Miss Israel and represented her country in the subsequent Miss Universe pageant. Though she looked the part, Gadot was less than interested in the scepter-toting responsibilities that come with the Miss Universe Crown. She went on to serve as a soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years as a combat trainer before officially pursuing a modeling and acting career.

Gadot received international attention when she was cast in the fourth film of the canonized Fast & Furious franchise. The directors expanded her role in the following two films in which she performed all her own stunts. The motorcycle enthusiast credits her military experience and knowledge of weapons for giving her an edge in the action-packed film full of gun slinging and high-intensity car chases. In late 2013, Gadot joined the superhero face-off film Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Her performance was lauded as one of the best facets of the movie, beginning her legacy as Wonder Woman. In the following solo film, the Israeli actress was pregnant with her second child during much of production – another testament to Gadot’s prowess.

Through her modeling and acting efforts, Gadot has appeared on the covers of W, Glamour, Marie Claire and in the pages of Vanity Fair magazine. She also starred in the campaign for Gucci’s Bamboo perfume through 2015.

Gadot currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Yaron Versano, and two daughters Alma and Maya. She reprised her role as Wonder Woman in 2017’s Justice League, which will be followed by the second installments of both films.


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