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Star Wars: Why Yoda Chose Dagobah For Exile

Above: Star Wars | Why Yoda Chose Dagobah For Exile.

The Non-Canon Expert is back to explain why Yoda chose Dagobah as the planet in which to reside during his exile after the rise of the Empire and how this decision was heavily influenced by events that took place prior to Order 66.

About Yoda

Yoda or Master Yoda is a fictional character in the Star Wars space opera franchise created by George Lucas, first appearing in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back. In the original films, Yoda trains Luke Skywalker to fight against the Galactic Empire. In the prequel films, Yoda serves as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order and as a high-ranking general of Clone Troopers in the Clone Wars. Following his death in Return of the Jedi at an unknown age that surpassed 900 years, Yoda was the oldest living character in the Star Wars franchise until the introduction of Maz Kanata in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

About Dagobah

Dagobah is a solar system in the Star Wars films The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi created by George Lucas. Dagobah also appears in a deleted scene from the Star Wars movie Revenge of the Sith. Yoda went into exile on Dagobah after a lightsaber battle with Darth Sidious, later known as the Emperor.