Frequently Asked Questions


ZARZAR LAND is one of the Internet’s most prestigious land organizations as well as one of the original land groups on e-Bay. ZARZAR LAND has been selling on e-Bay since January 2, 1999 and is currently in its 18th year! A global leader in land acquisitions and land sales for the individual and institutional investor having marketed its products to clients in over 51 countries and territories throughout the world.

What are the benefits of buying from ZARZAR LAND?
Guaranteed free and clear title to every property.
We prepare all your paperwork to insure an easy, pleasurable transaction.
Our closing fee is only $150 per property! Most companies would charge anywhere from $600 – $2,000 for this same service.
We charge zero percent interest. Compare that to other top land sellers that charge around 9-13% interest.
You are buying from a reputable land organization with almost 2 decades of experience.

What type of properties do you sell?

We sell the following types of properties:

Land For Sale
Home Sites
Governement Land
Resort Properties

Why buy land?

Now is the time to buy land. When you invest in the stock market many times you are getting a piece of paper that could become worthless over time due to bankruptcies, bad company management, etc. Land is a hard asset, and there is only so much land in the world. Due to supply and demand it is almost always increasing in value over time. In fact, over the past century many fortunes have been made by investing in undeveloped land.

How long will I have to wait to receive the deed once I pay the total amount for the property?

Once full payment for the property is received, we will send the notarized deed along with all of the required paperwork to the county for processing. Counties can usually take between 4 to 13 weeks in processing and mailing the deed directly to you.

Can I get a discount if I pay the full amount for the property on the first payment?

Absolutely! We offer a 20% discount for such purchases and client has 30 days from the end of the auction to make the full payment and receive the 20% discount. As a convenience to our clients that wish to get this discount, we also allow this discounted amount to be broken into 4 easy consecutive monthly installments.

Do you accept regular checks?

We only accept wires, cashier checks, money orders, and paper checks for large and medium size transactions. For small transactions and amounts under $10,000 we will only accept PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and/or e-checks).

Do you sell worldwide?

Yes! Many of our previous clients have been from outside the United States, in particular from Europe, Asia, and Australia.

I live outside the United States? Do I have to travel to the United States to close the transaction?

No. Our highly trained staff will make sure that the transactions are as smooth as possible. International clients do not have to leave their home country.

Thank you for considering us for your real estate purchases, and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide any further assistance.